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Marvel Shang Chi Teaser 2020 Breakdown - Avengers Iron Man Phase 4 Easter Eggs

You see there's somebody who wants to meet you you don't know him no but you took his name and now he wants it back no sorry i still don't get it it is western Sydney home to the newest edition of the marvel movie franchise the seven news chopper captured these scenes today as work resume building the set for the upcoming production shag chi and the legend of the ten rings it's understood that all cast and crew have now arrived from overseas and after completing their required quarantine shooting will begin in the coming days 18 weeks later than originally planned welcome back everyone it's charlie so we have a brand new marvel shag chi clip to break down there's a whole bunch of stuff going on with the movie because marvel's starting to film all their movies again.

Thankfully things are getting going so we'll break it all down there's a bunch of Easter eggs if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos we're doing an amazon giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and let me know what you want them to do with the shag chi character in marvel phase four so the new marvel clip and the new scenes that they dropped here just part of their real MCU mandarin story the fact that it's a traditional Asian village with no signs of modern technology probably means that it's most likely for flashback scenes explaining the origin story of the real mandarin in his rise to power in his quest to acquire the ten rings of power and then forming the actual 10 rings organization that we've seen in all the iron man movies there been a lot of jokes in the iron man movies about the 10 rings themselves are they real are they not real the movie itself will actually canonize the actual comic book 10 rings they are real and they'll be trying to find them through the course of the film but that just implies that at the beginning of the movie the mandarin doesn't actually possess all 10 of them maybe he has a couple of them but if you're not really familiar with.

The character shang chi himself as a character was created to be marvel's Bruce lee basically he debuted in the comics in 1973 during the big marvel kung fu craze that was sweeping pop culture at the time thanks to people like bruce lee in real life be formless shade less like water 1973 is also the same year that they released bruce lee's enter the dragon so no coincidence there the shanxi movie is designed to be like marvel's version of enter the dragon but with an actual real dragon like fing fang fume in the movie i know everyone's been hoping that they actually include fing fang fume in some big movie at some point we never thought that we'd see him but it seems like the shang chief franchise is the perfect place to put him.

They're also doing the tournament arc a la enter the dragon with the evil blondish villain which is obviously the MCU mandarin in this case with a vast empire trying to acquire more power in the one dudes hang chi who has a chance to stop him with some help from friends that he makes through the tournament they've already changed a lot about the mandarin of the MCU and the 10 rings through the iron man movies but the shang chi movie will just recontextualize a lot of the stuff that we've seen and heard about them so far and reveal the truth of what's been going on in all those iron man movies these are all the mandarin references and 10 rings references that we've had so far they called themselves the ten rings .

You're not him commander the real guy where you said you wanted the mandarin ten rings are they real it's well documented you mean to tell me that you don't remember it's the name trevor slattery you're right and for that sin you will soon suffer horribly with a hole in your body for every ring of our faith some of you may remember kevin feige talking about the mandarin of the MCU way back i think it was in 2006 it was the year before marvel did their big iron man panel kevin feige had been talking about the movie hyping it up because marvel was getting ready to film and go into production he said that the main villain of the movie would be the mandarin obviously things did not go down that way Obadiah stain wound up being the villain of that first iron man film and kevin feige himself will joke about that too just explaining how sometimes during the production process and development their movies will change a lot from start to finish but right now in the MCU canonically mandarin is a warlord who rose to power formed the 10 rings organization and then created several splinter cells operating independently .

From the main 10 rings group throughout history predating most of the marvel movies in that clip from marvel's one shot all hail the king when the reporter is taunting trevor in prison they're saying some claim that he's ancient and has lived for centuries some say he's even older than that wink wink that's just their way of acknowledging the comic book mandarin's backstory because in the comics the mandarin started out just as this normal persona long time ago who found the wreckage of a crashed alien ship the alien race were a bunch of big space dragons and their ship was powered by the 10 rings the rings were alive they're sentient just like Thor's hammer is in the comics they changed their size automatically to fit his fingers then he went on to use their power to gain immortality and near limitless power the ten rings themselves aren't more powerful than the infinity gauntlet but they're sort of an infinity gauntlet like story device you can think of them as ragamuffin through the shang chi movie they're still crazy powerful like near infinity stone levels of power such that if the MCU version of the mandarin ever acquired all 10 rings he'd be unstoppable for the most part given that most of the avengers have disbanded temporarily.

The other more powerful characters like say captain marvel are busy off increment and scroll space dealing with their own problems way too busy as she says to come out and help on planet earth so the shang chi movie is just meant to dispel all the false myths and tell the real story of the true mandarin of the MCU but even though there probably some comedic aspects to the film and the shang chi character like Shane chi as a character himself does have a good sense of humor i don't think they'll be playing the real mcu mandarin for comedy near the way that they did the trevor character .

In that way i think that most of the stuff that's been said about the real mcu mandarin will actually wind up being true just to make him seem more fearsome they don't want to turn him into a joke like trevor right now the rumor is that aquafina is actually going to be playing his daughter in the film and she'll wind up becoming shang chi's main side piece his best girl and will wind up helping him stop her father from acquiring all 10 rings but at the beginning of the movie he'll be tasking her with tracking down the rest of the 10 rings and Chiang chi will just get caught up in the chase for the 10 rings through the tournament arc so if you haven't seen enter the dragon the villain holds this big mortal combat like tournament on a private island every once in a while it's by invitation only but the prize is so huge that all the best fighters around the world go crazy for a chance to participate then shang chi just manages to score an invite to that tournament .

Uses it an excuse to try and infiltrate the mandarin's organization and find out what's going on with the ten rings there'll be a ton of iron man easter eggs as you would expect since the mandarin is an iron man character originally but there have been a lot of rumors about when the movie takes place in the mcu timeline they're getting really crazy with some of these marvel phase 4 movies like the eternals movie takes place simultaneously thousands of years ago because the characters are so ancient but also in present day after avengers end game then you also have stuff like the black widow movie which takes place before avengers infinity war but after captain america civil war so some movies in marvel phase 4 will be set during different parts of the timeline and i'll just explain where everything fits when we get those trailers the rumor right now though is that shang chi actually takes place in that five-year time gap after the snap in avengers infinity war but before avengers end game the five-year time gap is a really interesting period in mcu history because the avengers were fractured even though some of them were still on planet earth black widow still trying to keep the peace with other major heroes left around the world like in Wakanda.

But all that chaos around the world creates a lot of opportunity for mcu villains to take advantage of everyone post all your game of thrones little finger memes chaos is a ladder even though most of you probably already assumed marvel and kevin feige have implied thats hang chi would be in avengers 5 they're meant to put him on a new avengers team when they get ready to make another one that movie won't be happening until deep in marvel phase 5 though so it's still along ways off but most of marvel phase 4 right now is them introducing new avengers level characters like kit harrington's black knight in the eternals movie setting the stage for more big cosmic mcu threats and even though shane chi is very much a marvel kung fu action movie a lot of you're like what is the connection between say like shang chi in fantastic four big cosmic mcu galactus stuff think about it this way the ten rings of power are actually the ten alien rings of power like the infinity stones wound up on planet earth there's a very cosmic story behind how the mcu versions of the ten rings wound up on planet earth so that's sort of the back door connection between shang chi in the space based cosmic marvel movies so there's going to be a ton of marvel and spider-man related movies happening early next year meaning a ton of big marvel trailers coming.

Later this year i know you're all still waiting for anew falcon and winter soldier trailer there's also supposed to be a star wars mandalorian season 2 trailer sometime in the next couple of weeks so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see all those videos when i post them congratulations we staple you're the giveaway winner from my last big marvel video please email me on the about page my channel so i can get your contact details everyone click here for that brand new Benedict cumber batch doctor strange 2 clip and click here to learn about the new marvel phase 4 movies that they're bringing Thanos back for thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe I'll see you guys tonight! 


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