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Where is a Starfish's Butt?

I read a tweet and it really got me thinking about animals revolting. It's from Lawrence Ward who says, "The population "of Scotland is around 5.25 million and there are million cats in the world so if every cat decided to invade Scotland, each Scot would have tonight off around 114 cats and I don't think they could pull it off." (laughs) I don't think I could fight 114 cats and survive. Have you ever had to tangle with an angry cat that still had its claws? I have. And lemme tell you, gonna need a lot of the foamy liquid that you put on your cuts. Hydrogen peroxide. If cats revolt, much like the population of small wild animals inane area where there's a large domestic cat population, we'd get destroyed. Your cats a murderer. (whimsical music) Hello, and welcome to"Footnotes", the companion show to "Because Science" where I take all of your comments, questions, and corrections and then I bombard you with cats.

Meow.(cat meows) Until you come up with something interesting to mention to me and that i say something interesting back. And then I tell you what's coming up next on this here very channel. Hint, it's in space there's no sound. But getting right down toit, in the last episode of because science we were trying to figure out for totally not super villainy reasons, how best to put a laser on a frolicking' shark, and how best to use said laser sharks. And you can leave me all of your nerdiest comments,corrections, and questions.

Unfortunately because of the holiday break around Thanksgiving, us her in the void also take a break so I did not have a chance to directly respond to all of your comments and questions on the laser shark video. Instead for this week, and this will happen later on closer to the New Year's holiday, for this week I'll be going back, couple weeks, couple months to answer so random questions you've had for me to make sure we're getting to everything. I do go back and read pretty much everything so let's see what you had to say over the last indeterminate amount of time. cloakroom and Tristan, "Now I wanna know "everything there is to know about starfish poop." During a recent episode of"Footnotes" I made a side note that I was gonna tell you'll about starfish poop and then I kinda punted on that to talk about something else.

And fine, you want it? You really wanna know about starfish poop? Well it's more related to their butts. Starfish butts are on the front. They got front butts. You know the underside of a starfish? What we consider the underneath where all the little tube feet are? That's where the mouth is and that's where the stomach is thrust from it's mouth and engulfs it's pray like clams and then digest it with digestive enzymes and it pulls its stomach back into its mouth, like it throws up it's own guts (gasps). That's the front. The back, the top of a sea star where you would touch it, that's where its anuses, right in the middle. Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, nice to meet you. Yeah, yeah no, entertainment actually. Yeah no, about five years I moved out here.

That's cool, what do you do? Interesting. Yeah, did you know starfish have front butts? (laughs) I should go? Okay. That sandwiches are free though, right? "You haven't been raiding Godzilla's kitchen have ye?" What? Oh what this? No I'm fine, it's not a radioactive coffee brew. This is actually a sticker that I got from our episode when went to, for Fallout, we went to the largest laser system in the world and here they have these stickers. They offered us one and It look one and they're very cool because they place these sticker in this facility on things that are potentially radioactively activated.

So when something encounters lot of radiation like they were doing at this laser testing facility, stuff like steel and concrete, other materials can be activated and they can become radioactive themselves so they need these stickers to designate places and objects that may have potentially become activated and I took one and I put it on my coffee because it was funny. (ominous music)And it's probably not radioactive. (Kyle gulps) Now that's a strontium brew.(explosion rumbles) Charlie Broom says, "Well Kayle, you said "if you see anything glowing blue by itself, "don't go near it. "What about organisms that glow blue "through a form of bio luminescence? Talking' a lot about butts today.

Or it can also still be dangerous. It's not quite bio luminescence,but there's a fluorescence to, say, the blue ringed octopus's rings, and it's one of the most venomous creatures that you can step on in the ocean. And it feels squish at first,but then you feel that beak. Not good. If something is glowing and it doesn't have an obvious source of power or something like that, don't touch it. Octopus, plutonium... Those are the only two. Castreo Castro says, "I love how Kyle shows how much "he cares about our safety, from maintaining--" (disco music)(Kyle moans) "To getting your flu shot.
You know what, you're welcome. And I do care about your safety. Well, I mean I kinda just care more about public safety and public health than you, you're right. I do care about you specifically and you should get your flu shot. Even if it's not 100% effective,no shot or vaccine is, it can still end up adding to herd immunity and in the end saving lives,so you should still get your flu shot and there are a number of other science approved things you should do to improve your health like stop smoking. Don't burn fire in the fireplace. Wood. Don't burn wood in the fireplace. Get your flu shot. Don't text and drive. Okay? You don't need to take mega supplements, you don't need to take large doses of supplements like vitamin C and other vitamins that come in like a 1000% of your daily value. If anything you just pee all that out and it might in the long term ber harmful and related to things like cancer.

You don't need mega doses of vitamins and unless you're malnourished or your a woman going through pregnancy or something like that, you probably don't even need a multivitamin. Don't try to kill it with fire. People burn their house down and sometimes those houses explode. Spiders are cool. Don't pee on a jellyfish sting. It will actually make it worse. I should do a whole episode on this because "Friends" ruined America with this. Wash ya hands. And finally, of, crack your knuckles all you want. It doesn't lead to arthritis, probably. Oh, and if you have comment sand questions and corrections like this, I know you probably do, make sure you are liking,commenting and subscribing to this channel, hitting that notification bell, so you can be alarmed, (laughs) aah, whenever we upload a new video so you can get in, get early and make sure Isee what you have to say. And just as a little experiment, I think this might actually help with the algorithm, if you in fact like this video, go right now and just hit the like button right now on this video.

I think the percentage wise with the algorithm with the timing, it will actually help. So let's try an experiment. Let's see what happens,I'll get back to you. Space Kittens says, "How does Kyle know who is already "a super nerd or frequent commented?  No, I have an actual list right here of every single super nerd I've ever awarded through Episode 96, which is this episode of "Footnotes". So I have about four full pages of super nerds.

So that's how I keep track of you. And I also, because I actually do go through these comments myself, and pull them and screenshot them and feature them here, like I'm doing for you Spake Kittens, ah, it sticks in my brain who is frequently commenting and who has good comments,and I remember that. I know in this age of technology it's hard to remember things, but I try. I try. (dramatic piano music) (gulps) (sputters) Whoa! That one was radioactive!(ominous music) It's all right, I basically atomized it. There's nothing to clean up. Sky Worthiness says, "Wait, old episode, "Kyle said he was into rock climbing. "Now he says he's not an athlete. "What other lies has he given?" breastplate says "I'm not an athletic person, drinks protein shake." I don't know what it is about nerds that are self-deprecating but I don't like to talk about myself all that much. But I guess I don't also wanna promote the idea that all nerds have to be nonathletic or they don't like doing sports or they don't like working out or anything like that.

I work out six times a week, I drink a load of protein shakes, and I go rock climbing twice week and I'm pretty into it. You can still be a nerd and care about your body and care about fitness. It's totally fine, it's hard for everyone. We're all going through the same struggle. I just figure that ifI wanna inhabit my body for the next couple of decades then I want to level up my body as much as possible. Look at it like a nerd. I want to live my best life and level up my muscles and my stamina and all that and so I kinda gametic it. And you know, I'm like level, 12 out of 30. That's the current level cap on humans. We're waiting for DLC to change that. Medicine DLC. Our last comment comes from Michael Ballard and Jack Lind who says, "Hey Kyle, there's a whole world of science cats that you've been denying us? We love cats! It's right. I am a cat person. I have multiple cats.

I've had cats for the last 20 years. In fact the same cats for the last 20 years, so I'm very much a cat person. But I haven't been denying you science cats, there's just not a whole lotto cat science that I could cram Hinton minutes of an episode. And that's because,what I love about cats, is that we don't knows whole lot about them and their behavior and their intelligence specifically because they refuse to be tested, which is very cat like to me. So we can train dogs for example, to perform tests and work through puzzles and train them to do commands and we can train them to sit in MRI, and we can scan their little puppy brains. But cats refuse to be tested. They won't play our games, they won't be trained in the same way. And so it's much harder to test cats and therefore we know less comparatively about them and I like that. (hands clapping)(hands scuffling) I'm a cat person.(cat meows) But the nerdiest comment at the time I'm filming this episode I gotta give to plasmaburndeath, cool. Who says, "Escape the secret void access point "with another document,article three continue, "all we need to calculate the difference "between the standard ratio and our solar system core "having this makes weaker,constants, you should also learn "this language please see article four for next..." Yeah, yeah, it's me.

No some guy with an ironically dark name called plasmaburndeath, yeah,he's seen article three. You know what that means? Yeah. Oh, he also has an alias he goes by. Chess Phantom, damn that's cool. Yeah, you know what? Let's see where this goes,but keep an eye on him. Both eyes. (laughs) Oh, sorry, I was just ordering more cats to take over Scotland. (laughs) Oh wait, you didn't hear nothing'. Chess Phantom, I don't know where you got this secret document but I appreciate the effort that it must have taken to get it because you gotta dodges lotto laser helicopters to get this kinda stuff, so you are indeed a super nerd. (triumphant music) Take it, you earned it. Now, moving right along to this week's episode of "Because Science",this week's episode is "What is The Best Science Appreciating Show Across "All of Sci-fi Television?

I'm gonna make what's like my love letter to a science fiction show that I think is one of the best of this generation and gets so much science right and not only am I gonna give you examples and try to prove my point on why the show is so great, but I'm actually gonna go onset,I'm gonna talk to the cast, the crew, the writers,we're gonna delve into it and there might even be some surprises in there when we're there, wherever we're going. However we're getting there. Stay tuned.


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