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Science of PUBG Addiction: How to Stop Playing?

Science of PUBG Addiction: How to Stop Playing?

Hello! This is ROHIT! In recent times, there is lot of talk happening about this online PUBG games. I am sure most of you must have played it or seen your friends playing or at least heard about PUBG. Vellore Institute of Technology have banned playing PUBG in their campus.

7.Skipping your meals, Lagging and less concentration in your studies and work. In case you have any of these symptoms then yes.. you have become an addict to PUBG. Why you become addictive? A research says Dopamine - a neurotransmitter or brain signaling molecule is behind this addiction. dopamine is a key player within the brain’s reward system which makes you do the habit again and again.
The game is designed in such a way that it kicks off dopamine when you play it, thus making you addictive. That is the reason why you get addicted to this game. Other reason is one may start playing this to avoid real life problems and to show his anger in real life. Why to stop playing PUBG.? I will give 4 reasons
 1.You are losing you precious time in virtual world As a timepass it’s ok but when you are addictive then you are wasting lot of time Even if you win in the game it’s of no use in your real life.
 2.You are avoiding/spending less time with friends eventually losing them .Also you are not spending quality time with family.
3.Losing physical (sleep deprived,sedentary lifestyle) and mental health (depression,anger) 4.Lagging in work and studies.

How to overcome this addiction?

1.constantly tell yourself and make your mind believe that you are not an addict. Then uninstall the app after saying to your mind that you will uninstall it today and never ever install it again. Come out of all PUBG groups in FB,whatsapp,Website,Insta etc and
2.announce to others that you have quit PUBG by keeping status or posting it. If you do this then you will think twice before installing it again because your friends may make fun of you and you image will be dragged down/ spoiled.
3.Before quitting decide on a activity(which u like) to do whenever you feel the urge to play it again. Ex.Going whenever the urge come that moment you go out.
4.concentrarte on a outdoor game or physical activity to keep your adrenaline thrust in check. You may find it difficult only in initial days and then it will be normal.
So you can easily overcome the addiction. In case you are unable to stop the addiction by these method.Then get medical help. They will give you counselling,Behaviour modification program, Anger management,depression treatment etc and help you overcome the addiction. By best wishes for everyone who is gonna try overcoming this addiction. Thankyou Share this article with your friends. Subscribe to our website


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