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How to Learn Anything Easily and Fast!

Hello friends Welcome to this educational article that you have been requesting since a long time A lot of you have written to me requesting for studying tricks How is something learnt? Come, let us see First, I'd like to give you some background information I believe that if there's something I'm good at, then it is- reading, researching, understanding, learning And then making you understand Because this is what all my articles basically entail .

For a fact, I have completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering Presently, I'm pursuing a Bachelors in economics, political science and business management . I've completed a Masters in renewable energy So, over the course of my life, I've almost studied all types of subjects Mechanics, material science, electronics, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, civil law, corporate law, accounting, biology, which I've studied till 12th And International relations, micro economics, macro economics For the purpose of this article, I'll classify all these subjects into four categories The first category is understanding concepts.

 There are some subjects that involve understanding concepts The second category is memorization Some subjects involve rote The third category is that of Languages Languages may be a separate category on its own The fourth category is Application based subjects which involve the appliance of concepts Constant practicing is required Come allow us to see the themes of those four categories What are the different tricks that will help you study, understand and learn from them The first category is understanding concepts This involves subjects like Physics, thermodynamics and economics which require a deep understanding to grasp their concepts The trick which can be used in this is that of Feynman Technique Feynman was a Nobel Prize winning physicist who, while studying in his university, discovered a way that has become very famous in today's times which helps you learn something very easily He made a notebook and thereon , wrote down the topic which he was trying to understand.
He studied about the topic and tried explaining it in his own words on a blank page in the notebook For example, there is a concept in economics- Lorenz curve which shows inequality Now, I'll make use of the Feynman Technique to know the concept of Lorenz Curve How will I do it? First, I'll look through my study materials. I'll try and understand it from the books that I have If I'm unable to understand then I'll look up Lorenz curve on Google And then I'll look at the results. I could also look at articles to understand it properly I could look at its definition If the definition is complicated, which it does appear, when looked at, Since it is a curve, I'll look at its images I've taken a look at the images Here in the image you can see that the bottom 29% of the population has 24% of total income Looking at this, my understanding is that the population on x axis is 29% and the income on y axis is 24% So, Lorenz curve shows the distribution between population and income My next step would be closing my study material Open up a blank page within the notebook i will be able to write "Lorenz Curve" here at the highest and check out explaining it in my very own words Whatever I even have read on Google and my books.

This trick is widely utilized in India So, i will be able to not talk tons about this trick because most folks already use it you want to even be using it. You can use it in any kind of thing If someone else does not make the mnemonics, then you can make one for yourself that are self created The third category is that of Languages Languages have also been my liability I've only failed in 1 subject within the past year which subject was Spanish i do know English Hindi and German fluently But I know Spanish only upto the intermediate level But I failed because language isn't something that you can study for 10-20 days and pass Language requires an everyday learning in small quantities and it requires a lot of practice Language can be divided into four categories Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Reading and listening can be practiced easily you'll merely continue the web and skim any entertaining stuff therein language for practice Anything that you simply like reading.

 You can practice listening similarly by watching your favorite movie in that language with subtitles But there's a lot of requirement of practice There's a wonderful app for practice and learning grammar called - Duolin go It is a completely free app You can learn any language on it Speaking is something which is very difficult to learn, sitting at home There's a wonderful app for this Cambly.

Cambly is an app on which you can have a one on one talk with native English speakers on a article call This is the best way to learn any language because what could be better than talking to a native speaker? The only thing better than this would be knowing and talking directly to a native speaker in real life "And the type of people who come to you to learn from this app.. What kind of level are they normally at?"

"They're all over the board" "I have some people who don't speak any English.." "okay.." "What do Indians generally like to talk about?" "They're more interested in job opportunities" "Okay.." "Like in Canada because we have a lot of east Indians in Canada" "Okay.." "So they're always asking me about how to get jobs. So I give them the Canadian government website" "Canadian accent.. when you talk to someone , do you think people have problems understanding it sometimes?"

I'd wish to offer you a bonus suggestion here Sometimes it so happens that you simply are reading something but you lose concentration and it all goes above your head  you actually studying it? What is the purpose behind what you are studying? What is its history? Why was such a thing made?

Why am I studying it today? Who was the first person to make it and why? What was he thinking of (while making it)? If you attend history, you'll understand the aim behind its existence and why are you studying it today? One of the best examples of this is my article on share markets Share market is something that is very boring to hear about Why would anybody be interested in learning or reading about it? But I've explained its history and purpose in this article and if you go watch this article then you too would be more interested in learning about the share markets I hope you would have learnt a lot from this article You would have learnt "learning". What is the way to learn things? how to study? If you found it useful then share this article You can even put it in your "watch later" or "favorites" So that whenever you start studying, you can watch this article before you begin So that you're able to make use of these tricks while studying and increase your learning speed by 10-15 times We will meet in the next article. Thank you.


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