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Frickin' LASER BEAM Shark Science

Clearly, Mr. Hill, you're in deep now. (grunting)(crinkling) As you can see, I've recently upgraded my lovelies, my sharks now have fricking laser beams attached to their heads. - You'll never get away with this, Man Bun! I'll make sure... Wait, what kind of lasers are you using for those sharks? Because, you know,depending on what you use it could make a big difference. - Well, I guess I didn't really think about that. I just thought that you would have some-- - Let's get technical. - Hey, no, I'm the one with the man bun here, I'm in charge, wait! (funky electronic music)(beeping) (grunting)(snapping) - Ever since a one Dr.Evil came up with the idea in the first "Austin Powers" film, sharks with fricking laser beams attached to their heads have become a classic super villain scheme. This is a ridiculous scheme, sure, but if we were super villains,which we're not, how would you go about making laser-sharks a reality?

What kind of beam wo…

Where is a Starfish's Butt?

I read a tweet and it really got me thinking about animals revolting. It's from Lawrence Ward who says, "The population "of Scotland is around 5.25 million and there are million cats in the world so if every cat decided to invade Scotland, each Scot would have tonight off around 114 cats and I don't think they could pull it off." (laughs) I don't think I could fight 114 cats and survive. Have you ever had to tangle with an angry cat that still had its claws? I have. And lemme tell you, gonna need a lot of the foamy liquid that you put on your cuts. Hydrogen peroxide. If cats revolt, much like the population of small wild animals inane area where there's a large domestic cat population, we'd get destroyed. Your cats a murderer. (whimsical music) Hello, and welcome to"Footnotes", the companion show to "Because Science" where I take all of your comments, questions, and corrections and then I bombard you with cats.

Meow.(cat meows) U…

The Science and Technology of Tomorrow

Today the majority of our energy comes from fossil fuels we find beneath the earth in the form of cool natural gas and oil We've seen a rise in renewable energy, but fossil fuels are still the main source and without them the economy would collapse But these are going to become harder and harder to find and extract in the efficient way Which way I'll turn the forms of energy are going to take over Solar is one alternative That's becoming more and more popular although it is more expensive to get power from solar energy Currently the cost of fossil fuels is going to rise and the cost of solar is falling once equilibrium is met market forces will do the rest and note that solar cells are actually not that efficient so to engineering options are to make them more efficient or Reduce the cost to make and install these in bulk these are two directions that research has gone Wind is another popular form of energy.

 But it will not be what supplies the bulk of energy for the wor…

How Do Touchscreens Work?

How do Touchscreens work? What enabled smartphones to dominate as a technology- to be so prolific and critical to our lives that I I would rather lose my car keys or wallet than my smartphone. The answer to this question isn’t a simple one liner, but rather it's a combination of answers, app development, wireless internet, carrier networks, Steve Jobs’ brilliant marketing, tho I would argue the most important contributor was the seamless combination of different functions and technologies into a single package. In this episode we're going to explore the most distinctive feature of the smartphone’s merging of technologies- the touchscreen display.

There are three technologies within the touchscreen display These technologies are combined all on top of every other. When you felt and used a smartphone for the first time, you just knew that you were holding something revolutionary – something different from all previous phones. These… were not new technologies. Many devices used …

How to get started with Digital Art

I started doing web comics about eight years ago, and my style now is almost unrecognizable from what it used to be. I drew with a ballpoint pen on paper, scanned it, and it looked like this. Then I started drawing digitally, and it changed everything.

 There's a ton of options out there, and with the proper tools, anyone can find out how to try to to digital art. So this is my main set up, and this is just a standard, entry-level Wacom bamboo tablet that you plug into a laptop with a USB cable. And I've had this for a few years, and it has never given me any issues considering how badly I treat it.
 Wacom sells plenty of various models ranging in price, but the new 80 dollar Intros should have quite enough features for anyone just starting. I recently got a nine-point seven inch Ipad Pro and Apple pencil. Mainly so I can work while I'm traveling, but I only use it to draw in bed. I do wish I went slightly more prominent, but it's not a deal-breaker.
 Many artists say…

How 5G works: the pros and cons

5G internet. We've been talking about it for a short time, and now it's finally beginning to arrive. It is a revolutionary entirely internet that promises to change everything from your Phone, to home internet, to more futuristic fields like self-driving cars and even remote surgery, but 5G's also been within the headlines lately for tons of wrong reasons with bizarre conspiracy theories and rumours. So, to assist bright things up, we're going to inform you, what exactly 5G is, how we came, what the technology behind it is, and any real concerns which may exist around the new technology. (chill music) So, what's 5G? Well, 5G or fifth generation, is that the next step in mobile internet technology.

It's what all of the next waves of phones and tablets are going to use for speed that is even faster than the LTE network that we have already got. Now, our news editor and reviewer, Chris Welch, has been testing all these networks for a while already, so he can tell…

Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020 | Trending Technologies In 2020

The IT World remains during a state of constant change and uncertainties . Now, as an IT professional it's almost sort of a survival tactic to stay yourself updated with the ever evolving Technologies also because the market trends. Hence, We bring to you The Top 10 Technologies for 2020. Also kindly take up to his time to subscribe to us and don't forget to hit that Bell icon ton ever miss an update from the .

 So without Much Ado, let's get started at number 10. It is due to this that we can deploy cognitive cloud computing applications and solutions to the masses using cloud computing.
Not just that it is one of the next big things in the IT industry. Also, it can converse in tongue and helps in decision-making by understanding the complexities of massive Data. It is expected to get Rate a revenue of 13.8 billion US Dollars by the year 2020 alone and hence big companies like IBM Microsoft Google and Cisco are already investing in this next Generation technology to ke…

The World in 2050 Future Technology

From things within the air, to new things for our bodies, join me as we explore 2050: What Would Be the longer term Technology?
(The World in 2050 Future Technology) We are within the year 2020, and if we're being honest with ourselves, technology is incredible advanced, and we're making strides which will push things even farther. We have cars that are much safer than they have been within the past decade, and we're even making fully electric cars which will help save the earth .
There are even plans for self-driving cars and even self-driving Ubers that make the longer term of transportation very exciting. And that's just ONE technology that we'regrowing at a fast rate. What about all the others that are out there? What will technology be like as we meet up with and closer to 2050?
"Wait a minute, drones are already here!"and yes, they are. But more times than not the drones you are seeing are small, piloted by people who are just trying to have some f…

Why does conspiracy theories spread faster than the virus

How are you doing, friends? Do you want to hear the truth? You will not be able to stand it! Corona Virus... Bill Gates... The richest man of the world Le me tell you a story If the richest man of the world has enough money to buy a virus an then use this virus as a weapon (a virus) that has been manufactured in Wuhan, China and it is spread across the world through 5G towers and then after that, having bribed the all the governments across the world get a lockdown imposed After that, installation of microchips in our hands Money makes everything possible! The simplest way of world domination The task would become easier when the other villain, George Soros, joins hands with Bill Gates and use vaccines as a weapon and use 5G towers as a weapon and this is a conspiracy against all of us This is an anti-national conspiracy Beware all of you!

Okay, that was enough of malarkey: Let us now talk on a more serious note A lot of people across the world today believe in the stories that I ju…