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Why the World must Boycott China!

Why the World must Boycott China! Greetings, friends! The border tensions between India and China are the worst they have been in several decades More than 20 Indian soldiers have lost their lives. While some are breaking Chinese toys. "This may be a Chinese product." i feel if we would like to form this Boycott china movement successful then it's not getting to happen by breaking TVs and toys .
We need to understand the root causes first of how Chinese Communist Party wants to dominate the world and what dirty tactics they resort to for achieving this- Economically, Politically and Geographically Don't harbour the misconception that only India is facing such problem. The border intrusions that China is doing in India, China is doing a similar thing with Taiwan simultaneously And what are the several tactics that China resorts to with other countries economically We will talk about all of this in today's video So that we can come up with strategies against China…

Is it Possible for India to Boycott China: The Harsh Truth

Greetings, friends! allow us to see how it's possible to boycott China realistically and practically by us and India .Some of you had asked that if China is resorting to such dirty means- dumping, theft, currency manipulation- then why are the remainder of the countries not taking any action against China?

They are! Discussions are being held in Australia on how Australia, as a rustic , can reduce its dependency on China . thanks to these reasons, Donald Trump within the USA had announced a trade war against China in 2018 And not only Trump but many politicians of the opposition- the Democratic Party- also supported the trade war So what exactly is entailed during a "trade war"?

Trade war basically means Trump said that each one the Chinese goods that inherit the USA, should be subjected to increased taxes and tariffs which might make these goods costlier. And if these goods become costlier, then the people within the USA wouldn't want to shop for them .It is a really …